PostDoc position in visualization and data analysis

     We are seeking a candidate for a two-year post doc position at the visualization lab led by Prof. Yunhai Wang at the Department of Computer Science, Shandong University, Qingdao, China. Our mission is to enhance people's ability to understand and communicate data through the design of automated visualization and visual analytics systems. We study the perceptual and mathematical foundations of visualization in order to improve the efficiency of interactive data analysis, while developing interactive systems for data visualization and analysis. We collaborate with many excellent researchers in visualization, database and machine learning. You can find such information from our lab website .

     As a postdoc researcher, you can work on the following topics: automated visualization design, progressive data analysis, and machine graphical perception by collaborating with top researchers in the US and European. The salary is between 250K RMB to 400K RMB before tax, depending on the research experience.


How to apply

    In order to apply, please send an email with your CV and publication list to Yunhai Wang (

Shandong University

     The Computer Science School at Shandong University (Qingdao) takes a leading international position within visualization and computer graphics. It is a very young school and hosts many great foreigner researchers. More detail can be from our school website .